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BioLogos Video Gaining Perspective Are we defending our faith? Or are we defending our preconceptions? This is my favorite video from the organization BioLogos.
I read an interview with the author of this book (who has a PhD in chemistry and an MA in theology), and when the interviewer asked her how she would assuage the fear of some Christians that science will someday disprove God, she answered: "Stop expecting science to fix your doubt. Root out your heart and mind; acknowledge your fears. Pray about them. Unless you have practiced such prudence, you are not ready to understand science in the light of faith... Science is a love affair with Creation, and therefore a love affair with Christ. Love Christ with your whole self. Then you might find that something like bond angles in a water molecule will evoke tears of joy."
That's when I knew I had to read this book, and I am not disappointed. I maintain some doctrinal differences with the author; nevertheless, she articulates with grace and clarity so many things I've wanted to say about faith and science, and I have also learned from her perspective on this subject.
If you do end up buying the book, please consider doing so from my link on this page. As an Amazon affiliate, I will earn an affiliate commission.
You can read the interview here.
Jorge Vazquez, JPL
Here's a great Christianity Today interview with my friend Dr. Jorge Vazquez, a scientist at JPL since 1984. Jorge's self-proclaimed first love is "studying the beauty of God's creation." I learned from his perspective that "God designed this planet in light of our sins, including the sin of not taking care of it the way we should," that a planet which is mostly oceans might mean "he's giving us more time to get our act together."
You can read the full interview here or by clicking on the photo of Jorge.
Many consider it a point of pride to say they interpret the Bible literally, but what does that mean? I like how clearly theologian NT Wright explains the deeper layers of understanding available to us.

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